Who We Are

In WA Phoenix LAX has a rich history that dates back to 1896

What began as stickball, a native American Indian contest played by tribal warriors for training, recreation and religious reasons, has developed through time into the international sport of Lacrosse.


Phoenix play with S P I R I T, Sportsmanship, Passion, Inclusiveness, Respect, Integrity and Teamwork.

Play to raise the hearts of our people, to bring great life to our children, to entertain, to play in front of our community, give thanks for the gifts of good life, strength and ability.


Success for Phoenix is defined as having developed conscientious, skilled players; a club that fields competitive teams within a sports club that has a prominent sense of community.


To honour the opportunity to participate in lacrosse with  grace, humility, competitiveness & heart.


Phoenix LAX values conduct and attitude over outcome. We provide an inclusive club where all members are called to act with integrity & respect.


Fast & fun games.  Fastest game on two feet. What starts out as fast & fun for children ducking & weaving, can grow into opportunities on a world scale



Junior Under 11's

Learn the basics of Lacrosse through engaging, fast & fun games with a participation based approach. Mixed Gender

Junior Under 13's

Develop on the basics of Lacrosse through fast & fun games with an emphasis on structured team play.

Junior Girls Under 14's

PhoenixLAX are thrilled to entering a junior girls team in the 14’s competition this year, 2021.

Junior Under 15's

Further development of Lacrosse basics with the introduction of advanced skills, strategies and physicality in gameplay.

Junior Under 17's

Young warriors are challenged to develop their independence & decision making skills in a team environment whilst solidifying their understanding of key concepts as they transition into senior Lacrosse.

State League

The transition division where upcoming players aspire to move forward with seasoned veterans in their twilight years.

Division 3

Breeding ground for future stars with veterans assisting with development and enjoying the opportunity to play.

The S P I R I T

Why Join Phoenix Lacrosse Club



Play for the love of the game

Success is Sportsmanship, Passion, Inclusiveness,  Respect, Integrity & Teamwork



Home away from home

The Phoenix home is welcoming and comfortable. There are two fields with state of the art lighting enabling night games. A great place to hang out with lacrosse mates.



Inclusiveness is the heart of our game, our team & our club

Phoenix is a  growing and vibrant club that families are eager to be a part of because it is filled with people keen to help children grow to become great adults who in turn  help children grow.


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Management Committee

Colin Moir


Fran Maunton


Brett Sargent


Latest News

Members News

Phoenix Lacrosse Women’s Program

We are delighted to be re-entering the Lacrosse WA Women’s program with a Phoenix Girls team in the 14’s competition this year with a group of young girls who are loving the game. Coaches, Managers, uniforms and everything we need to support them is at the ready for the start o fthe 2021 season.

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