Phoenix Lacrosse Club

S P I R I T      C U L T U R E       C O M M U N I T Y

Phoenix LC is the oldest lacrosse club in Western Australia, established in 1896. We are proud of our longevity, and are grateful for our extensive history and the forbearers’ who all contributed to the rich fabric of who we are today.

In honouring the opportunity to participate in lacrosse, we extend our gratitude also to the Iroquois for the gift of this wonderful game.

Lacrosse is an exciting and skilful team sport suitable for both sexes and all ages.

A progressive, widely recognised and popular team sport within Australia, Lacrosse maintains a prominent position as a leading nation on the world stage.


As a sport & club, our point of difference is that we offer a niche opportunity for players that have not found a comfortable place in main stream sports. Phoenix & Lacrosse provides a worthwhile and unique alternate sport option for all ages.

Unique International educational pathways are also widely available through Lacrosse channels.

Often children have their first experience of lacrosse in the school setting where Quickstix, a modified version of lacrosse is widely available in  through the Sporting Schools Australia Program.

You might have heard terms like Modrosse, Softcrosse, Mozzies. They are all just forms of simple lacrosse designed to introduce children to our wonderful game.

Lacrosse has been provisionally accepted for inclusion in the Olympic Games from 2024, so as a sport it really is available to all, from young children through to the supreme Olympic (and professional) athletes.

Phoenix Lacrosse Club’s vision is to provide a strong vibrant club in the South East Region of the Perth Metropolitan Area, which is welcoming to families, new members and visiting teams and offers the potential to participate in all forms of lacrosse.


Play to raise the hearts of our people

To bring great life to our children

To entertain

To play in front of our community

To give thanks for the gifts of good life, strength & ability

Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's about what you inspire others to do.

– Phoenix Lacrosse Club –

The value of joining our community.

– Phoenix Lacrosse Club –

Some Of Our Sponsors


It’s not just a club, it’s a way of life.

T. Frazer – u19 Boys

It’s not just a sport or a club – it’s a community.

Tamela Grayson

Because it’s not just a lacrosse club, it’s a family.

Costa Vass